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Our goal is to raise the legal fees needed to bring Mike home. We know we have an excellent chance of winning this legal battle if we can raise the funds needed for the attorney.


Unfortunately, the legal fees will likely reach $100,000. While monetary contributions to this effort are always appreciated, we know money can be difficult to give. So, we've come up with an innovative idea. We'd like to put together a catalog of valuable items and experiences which might be traded to an experienced lawyer for services or possibly auctioned off to raise money. A week at a ski condo, a guided fishing trip, a dinner for two. We'd love any kind of donation that would help us get Mike home! 

This is how our In-Kind Donation program works:

 ~ You commit to making an in-kind contribution. Maybe it's a ski at your ski condo. Maybe it's a dinner for two at your family-owned restaurant. Whatever it is, we can promise it will go to a good cause.

 ~ We'll ask you to complete a form defining the term of your contribution and any requirements you might have for how it's used.

 ~ The contributions will be organized in a catalog and presented to attorneys we're working to retain.

 ~ If we don't have attorney willing to take our in-kind catalog in exchange for legal services, we'll ask you if we can include your donation in an online auction. 

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